for all shopping addicts


A trip to the mall is either stressful or fantastic. Yesterday I experienced both feelings while shopping. I always stress about whether or not to buy things and almost always end up walking back into a store to buy it. The mall is one of my favorite places, full of clothes and shoes I want/need. I try to budget myself so I don’t blow everything I make but sometimes it’s hard.(We all know it is!) Luckily, lots of Labor Day sales are going on. C Wonder has 50% off all clearance items so of course you have to buy something! I purchased an outfit I will be posting this week. Nordstrom Rack has 25% off already marked down items, including some great designer denim. Nordstrom has new items that are 40% off as well. J.Crew, one of my favs, had 40% off clearance as well, so I bought a much needed basic from there. Free People also had 20% off their sale so naturally I had to buy a unique sweater I will be wearing in the Fall. Anyways, I encourage all you shopaholics to look at your favorite store websites, or actual stores, and be thrifty! Sale items are the best items.

This quote speaks to all of us who love to shop. I always think about everything I wanted and didn’t buy when at the mall, and it continues to “haunt” me. When in doubt, buy it online!

Have a great sale Sunday!



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