“no white after Labor Day”

What’s that rule? No white after Labor Day? I say whatever! It’s Labor Day and it’s not the last day I will be wearing my white pants. White pants will last through the rest of the warm weather and a little into the fall. Why? Because white is timeless, classy, and goes with a lot. You can wear boots in the fall with a light sweater and you’ll have a great outfit. Fashion rules aren’t always applicable to weather, so do what you want! I like the stripes with white, and I got the idea from Morgan on the Rich Kids of Beverly Hills. I think another cute option is a white and blue striped shirt or sweater as well. The Tory Burch wedges make it a little more dressy, but any sandals/flats can be worn as well.

~~Don’t always follow the rules, or you will miss out on some great outfits~~

Fact- Coco Chanel wore white all year long, so of course this is a great rule to break.



Top//Akira Chicago; Jeans//Siwy Denim; Shoes//Tory Burch; Sunglasses//Michael Kors

Tell me what you think. I love reading each and every comment!

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