~layer up~









What’s the best way to beat the cold? Easy…layers! Layers are essential for fall and winter, so it’s a good thing they are easy to do! I know you have seen this plaid shirt in a previous post, but I can’t get enough of it! I could style it so many different ways…

Anyways, I always start off with a basic. So a basic tee, graphic tee, long sleeve, plaid shirt, etc. Then I added a layer on the top. Usually a sweater, or a vest. Sometimes both! I like my layers to be long and I like them to contrast. I like how the cardigan is long in the front and the plaid shirt is long in the back. They pair so well together! I always add some jeans, or fun leggings.

I wore this outfit with a scarf and a necklace, but I didn’t picture the scarf so you could see the plaid shirt underneath. The hat was a fun addition to show off a little monogram…who doesn’t love a good monogram?! I also added some booties and a cute purse from my mom’s closet too…I shop in there allll the time.

How do you layer?



Sweater//Tobi (love this fringe one!); Plaid top//Madewell; Moto leggings//Tobi (have these too!); Booties//Vince Camuto (very similar);Purse//Kate Spade; Hat//Marley Lilly

32 thoughts on “~layer up~

  1. Hello beautiful Megan! You look awesome wearing the burgundy color. It suits you really well. Love the different lengths of the layers and how the cardigan cascades in the front. Those Vince Camuto wedges are super chic and the purse I actually love. You reminded me of my beautiful daughter who is away attending college. She used to visit my closet all the time and even thought I got mad at her a few times for waking me up in the morning making a lot of noise searching through my stuff, I miss her doing it very much:-) God bless you always wonderful Megan! Take care and see you soon again:-) XOXO, Jeannette

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    • My mom gets mad at me too! I would always walk in and sometimes not ask..that is too funny! I bet your closet is amazing and I can see why she would use it! Thank you for your sweet comment!
      xo, Megan


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