A couple pops of pink







FullSizeRender I think it’s time for me to take blog pictures on a real camera. I’m sorry the quality isn’t the greatest! I really love all of the textures in this outfit! The waffle knit sweater, the faux fur vest, and the leopard print denim are different, but when paired together, they really work! I love these little moto boots I stole from my mom’s closet. I’m a major fan of little boots and I can never have enough pairs!

This sweater I bought a little over a year ago and once I washed it, it barely fit me. I didn’t like the fit anymore so I gave it to my friend. The other day I was searching through her closet (for things to borrow) and found this. I tried it on and it fit! I saw a similar sweater on Pinterest so I decided to take back what once was mine and now I love it!

I decided that this grey and black outfit needed some color, so why not add some pink?! I love this little pink necklace and this bag I bought years ago at H&M. The accessories make any outfit, so I always make mine strong! How cute is this initial bracelet from C. Wonder?! Perfect gift!

I have some great similar options to most of the items in this outfit in the links below! Check them out!

Enjoy your Thanksgiving!



Sweater//Forever 21(very similar, similar); Vest//Tobi (love this one!, super similar); Denim//J.Brand(want these!m love these!); Boots//Stolen (from my mother) (want these though!, love!, super similar); Necklace//Target (many great options!); Bag//H&M; Bracelet//C. Wonder(other adorable options)

69 thoughts on “A couple pops of pink

  1. Hello beautiful Megan! Yes, the necklace is super cute! Love the fact you borrowed those boots from you mom (she must be a super stylish mom) and that you both can wear the same shoes! My daughter wishes she could wear mine but her feet are slightly bigger than mine. She does wear my clothes though! Love the vest and the sweater (I am glad you decided to keep it!) and everything together looks super chic. The bracelet I love very much and the little bag is very cute. Love your hair very much BTW…. Take care my beautiful sweet friend. Sending you lots of blessings. xoxo, Jeannette



  2. Love this outfit! I seem to always find myself wearing all monochrome colors and feel the need to add a pop of color as well. I love you pop of pink with your necklace. And I love your fur vest! I’ve been searching for a similar one to add to my wardrobe.

    With Love,

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    • I agree! I wear a lot of black and grey but it can get boring. I always love statement necklaces for fun colors! I put a lot of similar vests like mine in the links below the post and some are super inexpensive! Forever 21 has great picks!


  3. ugh i wish my mom had fancy boots i can steal from her haha- unfortunately, my momma’s got more of a modest style. Sigh. And love this look- I’ve been very much loving fur vests this season. I know they’ve been around for a few years now, but I’ve really been getting into playing with them just now. It’s fun to stumble across more inspiration!

    xo marlen
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